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Week 9: Wrapping Up the Website Modernization Project

I will be traveling for the rest of Week 8, so this is an early update about Week 9. If you have any questions about these plans, I’ll be checking my email at least once a day while I’m gone.

While I’m away, remember that screenshots of your Unit #2 wireframes should be uploaded to your shared Google Drive folder before our regular class time on Wednesday, 3/19. Once you’ve created your wireframes, you should begin building the pages for your site by strategically combining Bootstrap components. I recommend using LayoutIt! or Jetstrap to simplify this process, but whatever tool you use, you should have a fully functional (but un-styled) site for your Unit #2 project by next Monday.

Here’s a quick overview of how we’ll spend our time next week:

Good luck assembling your Unit #2 website this week! Remember: take a careful, methodical approach to combining the various components in the Bootstrap library and you’ll be fine.