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Week 15 and Finals Week: Wrapping Up the Best Practices Article and the Client Project

We’re almost there — the end of the semester is less than two weeks away! It’s been a great semester, and I’m excited to read your articles and see your finished client sites. At this point, you should be polishing your article based on the feedback you received in class, and your team should be conducting usability tests on your client site.

Our last two class sessions will help you revise your site based on those tests. Here’s a brief preview:

Because you’ll be submitting your final projects online, we will not hold a formal final exam. However, please remember the deadlines for the last few taks you need to complete:

As always, if you have any questions about these items, please drop me a line. I’ll try to be in my office as much as I can for the next week, so let me know if you need to come by during a time other than my “official” office hours. Good luck wrapping things up!